Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seems like forever!!

It just seems like I never have time!!!!!! BUT here are my grandkids all dressed up for Halloween... and where but Cali can you swim in November?? Pool is finished, went really fast....done in 4 weeks...now if only the water was warm.... OK I L I have the biggest turkey I have ever bought in my fridge, 23 pounds, and can I tell you Im scared S#^%@less of it!!!! please tell me its gonna be ok?????


Needled Mom said...

You'll do fine with that big turkey!

The pool looks so inviting. You are going to love it.

The kids look so cute too.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You'll do fine with the big bird. If not, put Butterball on speed dial. ;)

Sharon said...

Great idea for the purses. But I need to find an empty closet now. lol
That turkey, have you seen how Trisha Yearwood did hers on Foodtv? She rubs butter all over it, stuffs it with whatever. Cover it, cook at 500 for an hour then leave the door closed and turn the oven off for 4 hours. I'm so gonna try that.

Kris said...

The grands are adorable! The pool looks great! Don't be scared of your turkey. Go check out my blog, cuz I reposted last years how to cook a turkey, step by step.
Hey, I just left a message on Linda's blog too, but if you and she are free, why not consider coming to my boutique to sell your wares?
love the purse idea. I just need some more closet space!!
Happy Thanksgiving.
xo Kris