Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quilt Market

Back from a fun few days in Portland at Quilt Market....Ms. and I met up at the airport....and it was nothing but fun from then on!!! my dang pictures are out of order, so I will do my best here.....I took pics of some of my favorite things....its going to take a few days of posts to show you everything, and later this week I will show you what I bought and all the fun little gifties Sharon made for me!!!
I LOVED this little zipper bag in the aurafil booth, made me want to buy ALL the thread!!!

 and now I want to make pillows!!!

Lots of whimsey!!!!

this was a full size at Heather Baileys booth!!!!!! it was all stitched with that big fat yarn!!!!
 If I could have fit this in my suitcase it would have gone home with me!!!!
OH did I mention we found the best martinis in town....lemongrass...OMG I had 2 everynight and 3 one night...that was the night I stumbled up to the room LMAO!!!! But I was in good company because Sharon matched me martini for martini!!
 She had these sliders a couple of night...omg they are on little mini buttermilk glazed DONUTS!!!!!
 and I had these luscious crabcakes!!!
 THIS was my favorite booth.....

 I bought several things from here and Ms. Red will be carrying lots of thier fun fabrics...too die for!!!!

Cinderberry stitches! life is nutso busy right I will leave it at this and blog more pics tomorrow and lts of goodies I came home with!!!!!!
I can wait to see all these new goodies over at Sharons shop....FUN FUN FUN!!!!!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Looks like you both had a great time! Thanks for sharing all the fabric goodness. :)

glenni said...

that giant bird stitchery, omg so awesome! glad you had a great trip!
always makes me want to quilt, but i'll just swoon at the work you guys do!

Sharon said...

Omg I want another doughnut slider right now. That makes my mouth water.

Karen said...

The stitched bird caught my eye. A very good design.