Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Its been a LONG HOT FUN summer!!!!!!!

Some how my pictures got ALL out of order:( 
 Seems like forever since Ive blogged, summer is just to busy and HOT to blog lol........
We went up to Oregon to visit friends.......this is a market where the first mill is So. Oregon is located, and they mill all kinds of flours.....I LOVED this store...very old fashioned...and you go downstairs and you can see the old mill which still runs to this day.....
While we were there our friends took us to see Crater Lake....now I have flown over this lake many times going to see my daughter in Seattle, but I had never seen it in person..........STUNNING!!!!!!!!
Our friends live on a 10 acre piece of land that is bordered by a creek...up there they call it a creek, here in cali its a river.........Mai grows everything you can think of in 3 40x40 plots...they also have peach and apple trees, and lots of wild blackberrys..........she is living my dream!!!
this is just one mornings haul of a few things.........the grapes were YUMMY!!!!

 we picked berries and had a cobbler later made of of them!

 this is part of the creek out back of thier house.

this is Mai's new toy........when she has too much produce she hauls it up to the road and sells it along with her fresh salsa and jams and zuchinni bread...she has a loyal following. We go thru her slasa like mad here, they bring it down when they visit.
LOTS of other things going on but I will post the rest of the vacation pics later.......just didnt want anyone thinking I fell off the planet.
Summer has been a blur of visitors and swimming and trying to stay cool.
I have exciting news I will share soon....until then...heres hoping for temps lower that 100 SOON!!!!


Kris said...

Hi Deb. I love Oregon! Love it! Crater Lake was stunning! Your friend's place sounds fabulous. That too, would be a dream come true for me. I know you have been busy, busy all summer! It was one of the hottest and yuckiest summers for weather that I can remember. Fall can't come soon enough!
Thank you for your nice comment! I love what you said.
xo Kris

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You have been keeping busy. I hope it cools down for you soon. I am personally freezing over here but that's just me.

deb said...

Kris....I remember how hard it was when my grandma died...I still miss her every day!!!!!