Monday, March 23, 2009

Diet Challenge Monday..I'AM the biggest loser,lolol

Last week Sharon and I went to Ikea to get that darling yellow linen cupboard I had seen in Country living, we also managed to pick up a few other things, matter of fact, we could not have fit one more thing in her truck!!! Here she is....she just cant resist playing with fire, or in this case, electricity!!!!!

My bedford project table arrived saturday...boy it sure fills up that little room!!!! I will be taking pictures as the room progresses, it will be my new sewing/scrapping room, and this table is perfect for both, I love standing up to do projects, so its perfect! I put together the bar stool Sunday that I got at Ikea to go with the table......THAT was interesting let me tell you. I'm not sure if I even want to think about tackling the cupboard I got there....anyways, as I get things in there and fixed up, I will post my progress.

Heres my little Sadie after she decided to tear up a birthday how could you be mad at that face?
OK........Diet Monday......can I just say hip hip hoorayyyyyyy!!!!! After confessing my sins last Monday I decided to get serious about my diet.....and it was a difficult week since I had not one but TWO birthday dinners out....BUT...I still managed to lose 3 pounds....thank you carb master yogurt and cottage cheese!!!! Nothing unhealthy went into my market basket yesterday, tonight will be a stir fry with lots of vegies......I can do this!!!!!!This week I will be getting a great workout dragging all my sewing scrappy stuff upstairs! Thanks to all of you who gave my a kick in my rather ample ass......Im back onboard and Im NOT gonna fall off again!!!
Things to be sad more Big hoo


Joy said...

3lb - That's brilliant!!! Well done :o)!!!
Love your table too, I'd love one like that but we simply don't have the room. I can just see all those little cubby holes filled with fabrics and sewing notions ;o).
Joy :o)

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

Happy Belated Birthday Deb! I LOVE that table with the cubbies on the end! Too cute!

City.Girl.Em said...

Okay. I'm totally jealous! you got that yellow cupboard?!! I'm happy for you! Is that Bedford table from Pottery Barn? IT. IS. AWESOME! congrats to you! My birthday is Friday.....maybe I'll be hitting my local IKEA for a bargain or two!


City.Girl.Em said...

One more thing...just WALK...I'm trying to walk like 40 minutes a day and I take Lilly my beagle with me. The time goes fast and when I get back I feel good, like I accomplished something good towards my exercise effort and I know Lilly loved it, too.

good luck! Are you doing South Beach?

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey I love that table!! OMG it's awesome. Love those yellow walls too.
WOOHOO on the weight loss. I am back on board as of today. Couldnt get into it while in AZ but now I'm set and ready to go.
Cute little sadie girl.

glenni said...

your table is awesome!!!!!!! can't wait to see the yellow one too! sadie is simply adorable as ever! and wahoooooooo on the 3lbs!!!!!!!!!!

glenni said...

oh and no more big love, we are in denial that it's over for now. lolol

PunkiePie said...

3lbs! AWESOME! Good for you! That's something to celebrate. But no cake. LOL.

Kim said...

Good Job Deb!!! When you get done doing your room.. you could get some extra exercise and come to my house and do mine.. LOL well, it was a thought!

Kris said...

Sorry I didn't get to chat at the show!

I LOVE your table!! It's awesome!!!

Congrats on the 3lbs! I think they came my way, LOL. PS - Happy Birthday!