Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My birthday trip...

Sometimes my birthday presents involve a trip back to New England to spend time with my BFF...these are such good times!!!!

She is a hugely talented jewelry maker and she made me these 2 beautiful necklaces...you can see it but she punched my word of the year...which is change...into the locket...just stunning and very precious to me!!!!

Speaking of my word for the year..CHANGE.....boy...who knew at the beginning of the year there would be so many changes in store for me..and I must say, so far, all good!!! Change of address...change of attitude..change of heart...lots of changes. I make a lot of mistakes,,,but I try to make it right when I do wrong...and one thing I have had to learn this year is to forgive. I have learned that forgiveness is a gift to ME...I cannot control anyone else..just me..and although I mess up I do try to make it right.

Tomorrow I will blog about the Housewives trip....

a forgiving heart
my BFF


Kris said...

You sure have had a lot of change!!! What a beautiful necklace, and how thoughtful of her to put your new word into it too. Hope you are getting settled. Don't over do it!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Beautiful necklace! You have a very talented BFF. I hope that all the changes you are going through is everything for the better. A forgiving heart... I like that one.

Debbietheothermother said...

Forgiving is a gift and forgetting is an art.........
Here's to you Deb, after all your birthday brings on spring!
What a beautiful necklace handmade by a dear friend, you are very blessed.
Your new home is wonderful, may you have great memories there...and your doggie is too cute.....I snagged those photos....adorable