Thursday, November 17, 2011

a little too much fun.....

Playing with dolls over having a little too much fun!!!!

I love the way this one turned out....going to be hard to part with her....

I made a Santa...but its not as much fun so I think I will stick to Annies..

My show is in a couple of weeks....luckily Im sharing the booth so it wont matter that Ive been slacking in the doll dept....Im just having too much fun right now and not sewing enough!!!!

I have been challenged to do the 30 things Im grateful heres my version...
now let me start by saying Im not going to include all the normal things like God, hubby, family, friends, etc...that all goes without saying and would take up my whole list...truly Im blessed beyond measure in those depts. and I know it....but Im going to list the things that Im grateful for on an every day basis..THIS YEAR..this might give you a better glimpse into my life:)
These are in no particular order:
1. wheat chex....I start my day with these EVERY day for 20 years....wouldnt change!
2. my BFF.....if only we lived closer....
3. leggings
4. hairdresser...without whom I would be lost
5. starbucks...skinny cinnamon dolce latte foam
6. the sun
7. bare take away the sun spots
8. my cutco scissors...I use them everyday from trimmimg roses to cutting chicken
9. my french vanilla coffee creamer
10. my Iphone
11. that I get to see my granddaughter whenever I want to
12. my new calcium pills that are like gummy bears...I never forget to take them!
13. Uggs
14. that my dog is healthy and thriving as a diabetic
15. my keurig
16. my donut maker
17. that my husband makes my tea every morning and brings it to me in bed, as he has for 28 years...
18. indoor laundry room
19. teavana
20. that both my daughters call me every day and say that Iam their best friend.
21. Marie Callenders corn bread mix
22. that I still hang with my high school girls and we still have just as much fun
23. that I can hike in the preserve and still make it to the top
24. clairol root touch up.....omg so thank ful!!!
25. not having to make 3 of everything!!!!!! lol
26. that Im going to be a grandma again!!!
27. that I still have all my
28. facebook.....what a gift
29. that I feel like a kid again when I play with my granddaughter
30. that in this season of my life...right now...Im happy. I know that seasons change, and stuff happens, but right now....right exactly where I want to be!!!

there are SO many more things I could add...but this is just a fun list of things that make me happy right now!!!

whats on YOUR list???????


Libby said...

Bare Minerals and Uggs - like manna *s*

Kris said...

Deb...this is my all time favorite post of yours! We both share so many things! And in this "season" of our lives, we are enjoying it!! This made my heart go pitter pat for you.
Life IS good!!!!

Karen said...

Playing with dolls sounds like a fun thing to be doing.

glenni said...

so so very perfect!
it truly is the little things that make life BIG!

Needled Mom said...

Cute. :~)

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderfully beautiful list Deb! You truly are blessed and know it....And those Annies - just too stinkin' cute! Happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Darlene said...

Fabulous list!!! :-)

Playing with dolls - sigh!!!! LOL
They are all really stinkin' cute.

Pokey said...

Love these little sisters, who can blame you for playing?
Counted blessings are what keeps us realizing we have so-o much. God is good!

Debbie Kay said...

Deb, I love this post and I am thankful for your visit to my blog too. I added you to my blog roll, with pleasure. Nice to meet a So. Cal blogger........

Smiles & Sunshine,