Wednesday, February 15, 2012

rainy day blatherings cuz Im bored!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago my high school friends and I had a couple of dinners to see of one of our own who is moving to Virginia.......its always so much fun to get together with these gals that I have been friends with for over 45 years!!!!! we always joke that we may all be living together some day....lolololol.....hopefully NOT in a nursing home!!!!!

This is my dog Cookie.....I thought you would want to

Im thinking about this for my grandkids......whatta ya think...would they like it?????

LAtely I have been obsessed with roasted vegetables...brussel sprouts in particular...I adore them!!!!

This picture was last week....then it started hasnt stopped in days...and days....

Im a sun person....I dont like too much time to go by without it..I get lazy, and bored...and I spend too much time on pinterest.

Heres an update on my RESOLVE issues...
I had a slight relapse on biting my nails...but only 2 of them suffered...and Im back on track.
I thought I was doing great on the piano, then I do it in front of my teacher and I mess up all over the place!!!!! UGH...need to practice more.
havent exercised because its raining...and yes I do have a gym membership but its not the same as walking or hiking outside...
on forgiving.....I have forgiven all but 2 people in my life...isnt that good

ok...I think Im gonna go clean out my pantry or something...and pray for sunshine...have a great day peeps!


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Deb:
I still bite my nails and I'm 55.
Don't feel bad, if 2 got it that's not bad.
I've let my walking go because I'm falling down, literally. So I'm doing exercises while sitting.
It works! There are plenty to do.
I love your dolly in the header. Do you sell her or her pattern?
You've got a sweet style to your work!
I enjoyed your post today. It's a funny day of the week, Wednesday.
I made a "Wednesday Wish List" post today. I'm out of sorts today, probably the let down from the sugar of the petit fours on my post yesterday. Oh, they were delish!

Holly said...

Deb: I bit my nails forever! One day, I just stopped. I don't know why. That's kinda weird now that I think about it. The veggies look great! Don't send your rain to me!

quiltmom said...

I love brussel sprouts and tonite we had stir fry cabbage with garlic, ginger and a bit of butter- very yummy..
It has not been raining here- thank goodness because the roads would turn into skating rinks -
Life has been busy - we had a nice Valentine's Dinner and I am enjoying a bouquet of Stargazer lilies from my beloved.. Life is good here in Alberta...

Kris said...

Oh I LOVE the rain!!! And I hope we still get more! But I loved that sunny weather we were having too.
You and I are the only people I know who are still close with their high school friends. We are having a party with them here on Sunday.
I love roasted veg too!
How is the blanket coming along?
Tomorrow is knitting at Viki's. Wish you could go.
: ) Kris

g said...

sitting outside with your morning coffee, i will be doing it with you soon!!!!!

the bed, looks like something way fun to jump off of lololol.

always fun to see you with your girls!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love brussel sprouts too..and love any roasted veggie..we are getting our rain starting today..yesterday was glorious went for my 5 miler with my dog..cause I don't know if I will get out in it..have a treadmill in the garage..but don't want to get on it.hoping the weather clears some in between rain so I can go out walking..have a great productive day:)

terry said...

Maybe this will help with the nail biting. Whoopie Goldberg claimed she bit her nails forever until someone asked her how many dirty surfaces did she think she touched in a day (such as door knobs, money, phones, etc.) where others had touched and then put her nails into her mouth to bite? Get the picture? She decided she would stop biting her nails that very moment and she did.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh no!! Not the nails. lolol I'd say that's pretty good in the forgiving dept. It does feel good to forgive I gotta admit. :)
The veggies look good. We do them but we drizzle lemon pepper dressing over them first. It's soooo good.
I have a gym membership too. It's not working so well for me. I thought paying it was enough. You mean I gotta g too??
Hope your rain stops soon. Sun is shining here. Mother Nature is so very confused this year.

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

Looks like a fun time with friends.
That bed would be so cute for grandkids.
The veggies made my mouth water. Roasted is the only way I like Brussel Sprouts (love the baby ones)
I'm with you. Give me SUN.