Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Too much fun!

I have to tell ya this summer has been crazy so far. I went to Pasadena High School and I graduated in 1971...in my class was Alex Van Halen, and his little brother Eddie was a grade behind me. One of my high school friends who is pictured went out with Eddie a bit and I went trick or treating with Alex....only once tho cuz he was a jerk!!! SO we decided to get a picture with us holding the magazine with Van Halen on the cover!!! Anyways there was another band in high school, they were a couple years older, that always played at our partys, and they are STILL together and good friends of mine. One of them is the boyfriend of one of my besties, matter of fact they house sat for me while I was in Hawaii. at any rate...there was a party on what is called Suicide bridge in Pasadena celebrating 35th year of the Pasadena Heritage foundation. This bridge is pretty famous, its beautiful but also known for the 100 people who jumped off of it and killed themselves. SO we went to the party, and they had a battle of the bands. The high schools in Pasadena are mine PHS...then Blair and Muir....and representing them were the bands that came from each of the high schools. Our band...Stinky Feliz....STILL plays together and we are all still friends...so my girlfriends from high school and I went to root them on...and we rooted so much that they WON!!!!!!!

We try to all get together every couple of months or so...and its ALWAYS a rockin good time!!!

We had to park our car at the Norton Simon Museum and there were lots of statues there...and of course we had to play around. This was one of the tamer pictures if you know what I mean...lolol

Here is the bass player Jack Ross holding the trophy they won....isnt he cute!! He was cute back in 71 too!!! He and my girlfriend took care of my house while I was in Hawaii....

So while we were in Hawaii we had one of these EVERYDAY!!! shaved pinapple ice over ice cream topped with sweet cream and whipped cream...and YES I did gain a couple pounds lolol...

I also did a lot of this!!!

My sister and I managed to get in a sewing day.....

finished this that had been sitting around for a few years...lol

Sharon sent me this cool table topper and little matching candle mat.....she will be coming out for the Long Beach Quilt show and we hope to get in plenty of sewing time...and shopping time!

She also sent this darling little outfit for my newest grandbaby Jamie....so cute, cant wait to see him in it!!!

and here he is....hes such a darling little man!!!

Heres one of my newest grand daughter...Ravi Grace....they will be visiting this week and I cant wait to see her again!!!

So far its been a crazy busy summer and Im loving it!!!!

How about YOU?!?!?


Sharon said...

My goodness can you have anymore going on???? Your making me tired. Please have that cooler weather ready for me. You've got one week to get it. I'm on my way!!!!!

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

What fun you and your friends must have had. Wish I still had contact with some of mine. Hawaii...I'm so jealous. Believe it or not, more jealous of the sand between the toes than the Pineapple shaved ice.
Although that made my mouth water.
What precious grands you have. I'd sure like to do a sewing day with you and Linda if I ever get down there again. You guys sure seem to get lots done.

Kris said...

Wow, you have been busy!!!! Good stuff though. The new baby....so darling. And Ravi Grace...she is so big already! Love her plump little cheeks.
I am ready for summer to be over, and the sewing to begin!!!!!
: ) Kris

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

and I thought *I* had a busy schedule!!! Sounds like you are truly enjoying your summer. LOVE the picture of Stella at the sewing machine!

Linda said...

I can't wait to meet Ravi...she is getting so big!

Pokey said...

Love seeing all the girl fun, and the swee-et babies, oh, my! Happy summer!

g said...

life is very full and very good!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You have been busy. I used to work in the big old looking hotel right about the bridge. You had asked me some questions about the quiche and somehow it ended in my spam file and I never go over there and just found it. Anyway you can make it in a pie pan just fine. You may end up with it really full so bake it on a cookie sheet.