Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Girl Easter Basket

Who's too old for an Easter basket...leave it to Cupcake to make sure Easter Bunny brought me a basket! and it's a grown up basket too, love Godiva...and thanks to Nancy too, now how did she know I have a weakness for See's Bordeaux???? We had a nice little dinner the other night at Sharon's.....yummm, shrimp and wings and gourmet cheese and crackers, oh, and wine!!!! We want to spend as much time with our Cupcake as we can since she's going to be moving Nancy and I had a little whine with our cheese!!!!

Leave it to Sharon to come up with this awesome idea....making little bags out of terry cloth towels!!!! So sweet!!! I think she said she might do a tutorial on these soon!!!!!

I want everyone to have a sweet and Happy my oldest on the east coast, its not the same without you and I miss you and I will see you soon!!!!! Im looking at a calender and planning when to come next month!!!!


glenni said...


Kris said...

I bet you gals are sniffling all over the place over Sharon leaving!But knowing she is going "home" to her family will make it easier on you to say goodbye.

deb said...


Sharon said...

HAPPY EASTER my Sprinkle POOH!!!! I'm going to miss you soooooo much!!!!!!!
Thanks Kris!!! Deb you are too much.