Saturday, May 21, 2011

On a Mission....

First off I have to show you my little Sadie....

We are trying very hard here in our house to get healthy....which for us is changing the way we eat.....I guess when you hit your 50s..or you finally get to be start thinking that maybe you would like to hang around as long as you can. The old saying you are what you eat is so true!!! We are also trying to buy more from local farmers markets rather than the grocery store. Its a great way to spend a saturday! But first let me show you a couple of things I could not live without!

Cutco kitchen scissors...TO DIE FOR!!!!!
Usually at least once a week I make soup...this week I made split pea soup...there is no recipe, I just throw a bag of split peas into a pot..OR the crockpot..with carrots, celery, an onion...a couple of bay leaves, some salt and pepper...and whatever kind of ham or sausage I have laying around here. This week I had leftover Italian sausage and I used turned out wonderful.

And this gadget to dice vegies makes it go so fast....I chopped all the onions carrots and celery in a snap!

Local honey from the farmers market....infused with cinnamon...yummy in our tea!!!!

so this week we went to farmers market and got a few things.homemade granola and yummy sourdough bread....but one thing I have hated ALL my life is BEETS!!! If they came on my salad in a restaurant I was devastated!!!! REALLY!!! however...I heard beets are good for you. I also saw the Barefoot Contessa ROAST them in the oven with olive oil and they looked kind of good......SO tomorrow night Im going to try it.....I will let you know how they turned out! I also go some red onions that looked like they had just been pulled out of the ground.

Strawberry shortcake anyone?

Oh and some cute little cucumbers I will toss with those red onions and a tomato, some olive oil and red wine vinegar for a summer salad..

OK..THIS BOOK started it ALL!!!!! If you are at all interested in getting healthy and buying LOCAL...and even growing your own...OR you just want some amazing recipes this book is FABULOUS!!!! The author decided to ONLY BUY LOCAL from farmers.AND only produce that was in season..FOR ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!! the book chronicles how she did growing, canning, and only shopping from local farmers and dairies etc...for one whole they did it, what they had to go without...and I tell you I could not put this book down. Barbara might remember she wrote the Poisonwood Bible.....such a good read!!!!!! I loved it and cant reccomend it high enough!!!
Changing eating habits is the hardest thing on the face of the earth to do........but we will try it a little at a time.....will I be giving up my coffee creamer anytime soon...I doubt it...but I can start by trying a beet........what about YOU?


Kris said...

We are eating much healthier here too. I go to Farmer's Market almost every weekend, and of course, soon I won't be needing too much there. We had our first harvest tonight, lots of veggies that we grilled! Yummy. I am going to go get that book. Looks good.
Soup sounded good too!!!

Holly said...

Proud of you for making that lifestyle change. It's soooo darn hard to be good. The soup sounds wonderful. I also don't like beets. Please let us know how that turned out. If you like it, I may try it.

Linda said...

I can't wait to hear how the beets turned out! I love farmer's markets...they are the best!

glenni said...

fresh cali berries!!!! i am inspired by your post (as i sit here eating stews apple cider donut holes).
that book sounds really good!

quiltmom said...

We do eat more fresh produce in my house than we used to - easier to do in some seasons than in others ( winter is not the best for fresh here)
I love beets- beet pickles and roasted beets and even boiled beets with butter and salt and pepper.
I also love brussel sprouts and turnip- what can I say- I love my roots....
I will be interested to read how you found the beets.