Saturday, February 2, 2013


WOW where has the time gone, I had not been on here for a few MONTHS!!! Ive never gone this long and I have never missed blogging my Christmas...but I have been just trying to decide if I want to continue this blog or just shut it I took a break. Its not that I dont love it...its just wondering if its even worth much time involved...but then I go back to the beginning many years ago...and I have a diary of my life!!!! births, deaths, weddings, friendships made,,,friendship lost....weight gained, weight lost LOLOL...and I have to say...I cannot stop now, I love to stroll back thru the years and see whats been going on in my life!!! SO I will continue!!!!!!!! January was one of the funnest months ever!!!! Sharon...from Red Geranium came and spent a week here with me and we had so much fun!!! We went to the Road to California Quilt show and then on the other days .... we sewed....( I think Sharon might still have a couple of these valentines kits over at Daisy Cottage, they went together SO fast!!!) and drank.... and crafted... and ate...and was an amzing time and we cant wait til she visits again!!! She made the most amazing chicken caccatore for us and we ate and ate!!!! the diet starts tomorrow lolol... I also had the pleasure of having a little retreat with some dear old friends up in the gorgeous mountains of Tehacapai...four of us gals from my craft club...whom I have known and loved together and we crafted....we made these darling little Valentine garlands from Pinterest... and these awesome wine bottle night lights... We sat in front of this amazing fireplace for 4 days and drank wine and watched movies...and gabbed, and we even got a walk in to see a family of deer before it started snowing and for this cali girl..being snowed in was pure bliss!!!! OH and did I mention for 4 days we ate???? And so my has been very very busy but in the best of ways!!! I have not been visiting blogs for awhile because my computer was giving me fits...but hopefully I can catch up with all of you in the weeks to come... I also plan on destashing my sewing room...and also having a give please stay tuned...I have quite a few wool kits from Primitive Gathering I plan on selling, just have more than I could ever make!!!! I have missed you all but catching up will be fun!!!!


Sharon said...

You were a busy girl in Jan. Is Feb.going to be the month you rest? Probably not!!! You are always on the go.
I miss you guys. It was so much fun at your house and you know I love my suite!!!
Love you!!

SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a fun time. Love your quilt with the valentines.


quiltmom said...

Some great times with friends is always times well spent. a fun quilt and a fun garland that you have made while enjoying your time with friends creating..
I like making a cheeseball and sharing with friends- it is yummy..
Welcome back to blogging.. I will look forward to reading more of your adventures.

Kris said...

Busy times! Looks like fun! I didn't go to Road this year for the first time in a long time.
Welcome back.

Lorraine said...

Nice to see you back Deb....I have found blogging to be a great journal of my life and I have met some fantastic people through having it as well.....looks like you have had some fun times since you last the look of that retreat....being snowed in would be a great treat for me as well!

Kim said...

So there you are! I just left CA, but only after nearly six weeks of fun and sunny beach time. Good to hear you are alive and well and enjoying friends. Happy Valentines Day!