Friday, May 18, 2007

Bird Nut.....yes I,am

Spent most of Wedsday at Home Tours, Kathy and I had our field trip down to Orange, or in her case, up to Orange, and we toured a great home where I found all these "bird goodies"...the picture I LOVE, the background is a shade of that robins egg blue-teal that I love, and the other bird pieces are votive holders...dont have a clue where to put them but I liked them!
This little lizard is a lucky guy....little cheech had him trapped on the patio but I came to his rescue...can you see him smiling at me???
I had the most wonderful walk this morning, walked for an hour, me and little cheech....have decided I NEED to do it everyday, no matter what, I felt alive........what a great time of the year!
OH........dumb move of the week...month, maybe even year...........I (accidentally) threw my new awesome state of the art, lots of bells and whistles, cell phone IN THE TRASH.........and by the time I had retraced my steps and realized thats what MUST have happened, the trash men where pulling away.............bad timing, bad luck with phones, second lost phone in 6 Im right back to the s*&^%y phone I had before I got my last 2 "cool" phones, and with my luck, no more new phones for a while!
Fun plans for the weekend, a wedding aboard a yacht in Newport Harbor.........casual attire, must shop for a Tommy Bahama Shirt for go with the new Topsiders I got him for our sailing classes..........Glenni, can I wear that cute outfit I got at Glen Ivy???????

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glenni said...

yes!!!! wear that top and skirt!!!! love your new bird finds!! where did you hang the bird picture you got at barbara cheatleys? wedding on a yaght, wayyy fun!