Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Flip flops, flowerpots and Freckles, oh my!

Its summer here in SoCal, maybe it will hit 100, but right now, its perfection!!!
Check out my new flowerpot, wallyworld, I got 2, one for each side of my front door..........they are awesome, and they look so cute planted!
I am babysitting Freckles for Grandmama this week, they are heading for the Ozarks, they will see Uncle Bill and meet one of Grandmama's sisters, and they traded one of thier timeshares for one in Branson, yeeeeehaaa! Freckles has be singing anchors aweigh constantly, occasionally breaking into Happy Birthday! Joe says if Freckles amuses Pokey into stopping picking his feathers out, we will be in the market for a new bird..........ackkkkkkkk.....so I bought him this HUGE bag of blocks and this wire spiral thingy that you thread the blocks on, hoping to amuse him. Pray it works!!!! He stared at it for a few days, but now he is finally chewing it up...thank God, that bag of blocks cost me as much as a new pair of shoes!!!!! Trace, have you run your race yet????? On a sadder note, Iam still stuck at 10 pounds down, I did cheat on saturday and had lemon cake........and gained 2 pounds!!!!!! NO more cake for me!!!! Crap, the entire cake didnt even weigh 2 pounds, how is that possible??????? Off to lay in the sun.....Joe signed us up for sailing lessons this summer, I want to get a tan!!!!!

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