Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Look who came to dinner!!!!

These are the Spiveys from the Ozarks, I have been BFFs with Deborah Lynn for 30 years, my name is Deborah Lynn too, shes married to Joe, so am I, but thats not the biggest coincidence....I met Deb 30 years ago when we were in our early 20s, and we became fast friends, BUT Deb was lookin for a husband, and I wasnt , so as soon as she latched on to a man, she decided I was chopped liver......anyways, we parted ways, she set her sights on landing Joe, and I set my sights on staying single. Years went by, I met my Joe, we got married and we moved to a small town an hour east, a small town, one I had never even heard of. So Joe and I settled into our brand new house in a brand new housing tract and waited for neighbors, the house next door was still empty but I had heard we were getting some neighbors.By this time I was pregnant, but thats another story, and I will never forget this, I was standing out in the front yard of my new house, with my Joe, and up walk the people who bought the house next door.......can you guess who it was????????? Now remember, this town is out in the boonies, somewhere called the Inland Empire, which I had never heard of, but the houses were big, a lots cheaper than up walk Deb and Joe....omg, I almost gave birth right there on the spot......that was almost 24 years ago.....coincidence? what do you think?? So we were neighbors and best friends for 15 years, until she decided farm living was the place to be....and they moved the Spivey clan to Green Acres.....miss ya Deb my VBF!!!!!
OH by the way, for those of you perceptive enough to see that Iam entertaining in a bath robe, I really didnt, that was my Christmas present from Deb, and she insisted I wear it........and OH, by the way, that pic of me and my hunk, I hate it of me cuz it looks like I have 3 chins, and in reality I only have 2, but I wanted you to see Sadie, because she is smiling for the camera!!!!!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Ok, I just posted and the computer shut off on me. LOL!!! That is some story about your friends. I would have given birth right there. What a nice surprise.
Love the Ozarks. My first hubby and I would take the boys there every spring. Love it.

Doe said...

Wishing you happy holidays!

Cheryl said...

Merry Merry!!!

Domestic Chicky said...

You look adorable, and what a story! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!