Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holy Moly Im on a roll!!!!

Wowser, 2 posts in one day....a record!!!! BUT I had to share my table runner that I just whipped out this morning, only took an hour, too cute huh, excuse me while I pat myself on the back...because I have not made anything since the Spring table runner I made, well, last spring!
Thats another one of my New Years Resolutions, to sew again, but, see last post, simply, I will not buy more crap, I will use what I have! Anyways, these dang charm packs make it so easy to whip stuff up!!! And I forgot in my last post to show you my new dishes!!!!! Can you tell I love red.......funny, it all started with the red knobs on my Viking Range...and now theres red everywhere! Anyways, I found these fiesta ware dishes at Costco of all places, and I had been wanting them for a while....red of course.......then while I was walking in Sharon's footsteps I came upon these red and white dishes at Pottery Barn....I set my table with them and it looks awesome, Christmas'y but good for year round too! And then I followed Sharon's ghost over to Williams Sonoma and bought the napkins and table runner.....and voila, a festive table without dragging out all those dated Christmas dishes with the Christmas trees on them!
Ok, Im gonna go eat a BLT, and get ready for work, cuz Gwen Stefani doesnt make ENOUGH money, she needs me to put on my LAMB coat and go out in the windy cold crappy weather and sell her perfume!


glenni said...

love the red candlesticks!!!! fabu table!!!!!! simple, love that you've already picked out your new word for next year too. and another table runner, in only an hour, way to go!!

glenni said...

duh, meant red wineglasses! love the candlesticks too!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Way to walk in my footsteps!! You did me proud!! I love those dishes and your plate holder is cool too. The table looks great all set and ready to go.
I'm walking in your footsteps and driving to Goodwill almost every other day and dumping off stuff.I'm SICK of it!! I need space!! It feels so good. OH and that tablerunner........way to go!

Pat said...

I love your runner. What charm pack did you use and is there a pattern for the runner? Love your blog. Thanks.

Lee W. said...

The red dishes look awesome. I love your runner- I haven't attempted to sew much accept for little things.