Friday, January 11, 2008

Back on Land........

Its so good to be back.......if I would have stayed on that ship any longer you would have needed a crane to get me off........yes, the diet has started, omg, I, we, ate with wild abandon, all the while knowing the diets would start as soon as we docked....matter of fact, we were all so full and bloated we even passed on the parting breakfast buffet, although one reason could be that we departed at 6:30 in the morning and we felt like we had all just eaten a few hours before, lolol.....
A good time as had by all, we hit the casino everynight, Joe had most of the luck, winning at Texas hold em 3 nights in a row, lost on the last night, but heck, his winnings practically paid for our room!!!! Chelsey and Alex had some luck at the craps table and roulette, I however was up and down, but in the end, I was down.
Anyways, while we were in Ensenada we went to the fish market, as you can see by the look on Chelseys face she was not impressed, she prefers her shrimp in scampi thank you very much, but Alex was quite excited to see where his dinner came from!

So while we were watching all the birds, this ginormous pelican grabbed a fish from one of the fisherman, can you see the tail hanging out of his beak, and the huge fish in his throat???? He let us get quite close, but he gave us the evil eye, all he wanted to do was down that lunch, and we were bugging him. He finally flew off in exasperation, I hope he didnt choke on that fish!!!!

So we are back, the New Years resolutions start for me, most of my purging was done last week, maybe one more trip to the thrift store for the things I couldnt quite let go of last week, I will this week. Diet started today, I will wear a cool dress for the wedding, not a matronly suit.....and I will walk everyday, yes I will. OK, Im off to the store to stock up for the diet......more cruise pics tomorrow!!!!