Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rain Rain go away!!!!!

I think I may be going a little stir crazy, this rain is making me nuts! Especially since we are leaving in the morning on a 4 day Mexico cruise, that will not be near as much fun if its raining!!!!
I have not been out of my pajamas in 2 days, does that say anything? OH wait, I did shower and get dressed to go see Kenny Loggins last night, then I got right back into my PJs. I have been in my PJs as a matter of fact for most of this week, and maybe some of last week too. You see, Im off work for a few weeks, and can you say NO STRESS....Im literally vegging out, lolol.....OH I have been purging, lots of purging going on around here, I made 2 trips with a full car to the thrift store, and filled the trash cans to the brim! For the trips to the thrift store I did get out of the PJs and into sweats. See, I have to dress up for work, so when Im home, Im a hag!!!!! Anyways, the garage is almost done, a couple more days and its done! So far I have also purged and cleaned all the medicine cabinets, 2 hutches, and the cupboard under my television.....and one closet, and I dont even miss the crap Ive been clinging to for dear life!!!!
Heres some pics of favorite things I got for Christmas....the album made for me by Glenni is a masterpiece, I look at it everyday and everyday I find something new, she asked me to send some of my fav pics from last year, and she had pics from our trips to see each other, anyways, I will treasure it forever!
The cookbook I bought myself, had to have it after I saw her (Jessica Seinfield, Jerrys wife) on Oprah....even tho I have no little kids, and we love vegies, its the cutest cookbook Ive ever seen. I really bought it for the "healhty" brownie recipe tho, but if you are a collector of cookbooks, its a must have!
I also got one of those little nano thingys, anyone taking bets on whether I will ever figure it out? Also, if you look at the nano pic real close, you will see the cool PJs I have been wearing all week, thanks Tracey .
All in all, its been a nice time since Christmas, I have not started my diet tho, that will start this saturday when Im back from the cruise.....I have already broken all my resolutions about vitamins and water and walking, well, its been raining for a week so I cant walk, not my fault....but I will start saturday on my health quest...but the purging, yes, going well, Im still ok after getting rid of stuff I thought I couldnt live without, and I have empty shelves and cupboards for the first time in years!!!! Fling on!!! I will see you all back here saturday with pics of the cruise, pray for sunshine please!!!!