Monday, January 7, 2008


Holy Cow its COLD outside!!!!!!! And before all you New Englanders, and you KNOW who you are start snorting, remember, we dont OWN coats here, and if we do, they are in the deep dark recesses of some closet, and pulled out only when we travel, back to see YOU in New England!!!!!! Shhhheeesss, Im leaving for a Mexico cruise today, and Im not even taking thongs.....thats shoes guys, not the underwear kind!!!!!!!Im taking a frigin rain coat!!!!!! And a deck of sad it that???
Anyways, I can feel your pity all the way here...gee thanks.....maybe I will even wear a knit scarf on my cruise, God knows I have lots of them!!!!
Couldnt resist taking a pic of our foothills covered in the white stuff, and the darling penguin, a giftie from Tracey ...sad thing is I have to hide the poor thing because Little Cheech wants her so bad she ca taste it, I cant even put her on a shelf where Cheech might see her, or she stares at it and whines for hours.....sad.
OK, I will see you all in a few days.......and this time I wont take any pics of poop for sale! Bon Voyage!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Have fun on your cruise. Even if it does rain it will be nice to get away right?
I don't own a warm coat. And I freeze my butt off when I go to Indiana to see Boo. Brrrrrr

glenni said...

love the snow on the mountains, thats where snow should always be, on big mountains, never in my yard.
i feel your pain with being cold, but i know yours will only last about oh, 5 seconds. wishing for warm sunny days for us all!! and heck, you'll be on a cruise, you'll have fun no matter what!!