Thursday, June 26, 2008

Field Trip.....

OK, I promised pictures of our little trip down to Quilters Coop, and here they are. We started off the day at Starbucks, cuz Sharon doesn't go anywhere without her Starbucks........Bethtreated us to coffee and goodies and we were off.......once we got there we all went in different directions, Sharon was the big spender for the day, but Beth and I werent far behind...I got the fabric for the table runner I posted in the previous blog entry....and a few patterns and a couple pattern books that I NEEDED, was fun to see what we all ended up with......I think we made thier day!!!!! Next we went into the cute gift shop next door, Rooster Creek, I had to have that sweet Geranium sign that Sharons holding.......then we were off to lunch! Claimjumpers is where we ate, I had my usual cashew chicken salad sandwich, and I could not eat another thing all day!!!! Back at Sharons house she gave me a few tips on cutting squares.......Im a doll maker, but Im getting hooked on this quilting, so I need to learn a few things, and Sharons just the gal to teach me. I cant wait til she quilts my table runner with Daisys, Sharon, are ya busy?????
So a fun day, not too hot, the heat wave seems to have broken, but I heard it will be stay cool where ever you are!!!


berto xxx said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

glenni said...

i am still jealous about temecula!!! what fun!!!!!! some day i want to join you ladies for all the fun you have!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Man that makes me wanna go back again. it was alot of fun. I love that shop and you girls!!! Too bad No Blogger had to work. She would have just gotten us into trouble I'm sure.
Where's that cute pregnant girls photo??

Kathie said...

Oh I love that sign too!
is it in your garden yet?
What fun you all have and I am with Sharon, I have to start a road trip with Starbucks.
Just the way it is.
so wheres the picture of your purchases today?????

Nan said...

You girls had such a good time! Someday I want to visit those shops - they're both wonderful to look at. Love the geraniums sign, too!