Monday, June 9, 2008

Somebodys having a BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

And what a celebration it was!!!!!!!!!! We all met up at Sharon's for the drive to the yummy.....but of course before we left the birthday girl opened up her presents, Im sure she has pics of it coming soon on her blog, I of course forgot my camera as usual, so I dont have those. Anyways, it was HER birthday but she got US presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy tea from Hawaii, a darling tea cup that you can brew the tea in, and a bath fizzy that I myself will be using TONIGHT!!!!!! And Beth brought us my fav caramel balls from Starbucks, and a darling coffee cup!!!!! I tell ya, when I get together with my sistas we have the best time!!!!! Anyways, on to the restaurant, where we started with Martinis.......I think we ended with them too, lolololo........but I dont want to share all the details cuz I know when Cupcake gets back from Sin City she will have plenty to share......and be sure to ask her about the yummy dessert we had!!!!!! Maybe she will even share a picture of it!!!!!!
OHHHHH and see that yummy stack of fat quarters, thats for a project later this summer that Ms. No Blog is gonna teach us, I cant wait!!!!! Her class will be so much fun, I heard theres gonna be martinis there.....Im just sayin!
So anyways, I will share more pictures tomorrow of our night out....and Im sure the other party animals will too, except of course Ms. No Blog, who STILL does not have a blog.......although I picked up a hint of less resistance to the idea......let me tell ya......when she does get a blog, we will have a GRAND opening and plenty of pre celebration activitys wont we girls!!!!!

So, this is an exciting week, the week of "The Wedding" happens saturday......and we are very excited, but a little nervous. Also my BFF Glenni gets here in TWO days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her daughter Lindsey is coming too the shoot the wedding, we are gonna have so much fun!!!!!! So what am I doing sitting here, I better get busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a fun week everyone, you know we will!!!!!!!!!!!


Beth said...

I had so much fun yesterday! We need to do this more often! Good luck on The Wedding!

Toni said...

Have a Great Wedding..Looks like you girls had a whole bunch of fun...Toni

Citygirl-Em said...

Hi Deb, it's Em...from Hootin Annies. I think I'm going to be in CA in July. Want to meet up? Family's doing a road trip, my
DD and I are going to fly in...we hate the long trip. Any chance?

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'm baacckkkk!!!!! I came home with more cash than I left with. WOOOHOOOOO Hey great party picks there. I've got to continue the story. We just got in from the long drive home. Well not that long but FIL is with us so..... LOL!!
Love ya!!!
Have fun with your BFF and good luck Sat.