Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stella....and some eye candy....

Heres a couple of pics of Stella.....and the rest are pics of Rogers Garden, my fav nursery in the hwole world...enjoy!!!!


Kris said...

Rogers is lovely, but Stella is the best eye candy of all!!!!

Kim said...

Stella looks as if she is enjoying a funny dream. Rogers has gorgeous plant material ~ where does a girl begin to chose from all of that garden goodness?

Kathie said...

looks like Stella is happy even in her sleep!
very cute picture.
oh my gosh I could spend so much there.
I love those wooden trays that are painted and those green planters are just beautiful they would look great on my fireplace mantle!!!!
oh boy this place is amazing!

PunkiePie said...

Thanks for the eye candy. Stella is just so sweet!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That Stella is adorable. I wanna hold her.
You never did take me to Rogers. Guess I'll have to come visit so we can go.