Friday, May 28, 2010

As usual.....

will I ever get the hang of how to get my pictures in order....what a doofus!!! at any rate...I want to make all these little birds..arent they sweet!!!!! Love this book called Little sister found it and I had to have it..this one is sitting in a little nest!

heres a red cardinal, I see these at my daughters and Glennis house when I go visit, so now I will have one for my house.....lolol

and this wise old owl...too cute!

but my favorite has to be this little budgie with her bag of baguettes...too stinkin cute and I see little Stella and I playing house with some birds in the future!!

My sister is at it again.....this time she made me a bag out of red and aqua .......and the lining is white with red polka dots and the handle is red with white polka dots..the band of birds done in redwork is on the back too..I LOVE it...and she bought enough of the fabric to make a couple more if anyone wants one please let me know, they are ONLY $40.00...which for all that work is a steal.......they make great gifts too!!!!!

They even make great decorations..I have them hanging on my wall tree in my entry them!!!!
Her workmanship is amazing.....I promise!!!!
Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!!!!!


Judy S. said...

Fun book! And very cute bag!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Cute bags. And you know. I could have got that book for you two!!!! Hellooooo.

glenni said...

adorable book!
adorable bags, my sister loves hers!!!

Sue-Anne said...

That bird book is gorgeous! Can't wait to see which ones you decide to make.