Wednesday, June 8, 2011

High School

Said goodbye to an old friend....I had not driven her in a while....not exactly a grandma car is
OK...I just recently got accused of playing high school games...SOOOOOOOO...its TRUE!!!!! Me and my high school friends play high school games...lololol
For something like 30 odd years we have been passing around a pair of granny panties on each others birthdays....we all get together..and each birthday that last persons birthday that it was embellishes the panties a little more.....Im not sure you really wanna know whats been done to those you???????
So on our last get together we decided the panties had had it, it was time for something new to embellish....

VOILA!!!!!! notice the first embellishment...the little googly

Tara looks a little

children must play!!!!

Here we are on the deck at Taras beach house....we are having a photo

Here are the infamous grannies...notice the gray FUR..OMG LMAO!!!!!!

SO ladies if you ever get accused of playing high school HAPPY....happy that you have friends to play games WITH!!!!!!!! this group keeps me laughing thru thick and thin.....we are all nuts....and thats just the way I wanna stay!!!!
OH by the way....if anyone wonders where that sexy lacy bra came from.....BIG lots...lololol!!!


Kris said...

OH my gosh, that is hysterical! That bra is enormous! And I thought I was big!!! I agree....I have the same group of lady friends since way before high school even. 5th grade for a couple of us. We have remained very close, all of these years. That is something very special indeed. Savor it. Nurture it. Be proud of it!!!
: ) Kris

Holly said...

What a bunch of great ladies. I'm thinking you probably bought the new bra so you could just keep the panties for yourself. They are quite attractive. That fur is hilarious!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, looking at the size of those cups, BIG Lots is the logical store LOL. How fun -- you guys are pretty darn funny!!!

glenni said...