Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The chokes have bloomed!!

Because they are on the side of the house that I hardly ever venture over too, I might have missed them, but here they are, the most beautiful shade of lavender...there are lots of them, I hope they last a while:)
Because I'am always so inspired by Glenni, I wanted to show my new containers, gotta love Costco, now MY fridge is a silverware drawer too:) I have needed to clean it out for a longggggggg time, Glenni, your boboli pizza sauce was still in there, how sick is that?????? Now it is a work of art, these cute little containers just thrill me.........I LOVE to buy organizational tools, we wont even talk about how excited I get at the container store. Now, if only I could get organized................sign, just not my forte...BUT, this summer, while I'm off, I will try........I have spent the last few month stockpiling containers, baskets, totes, and Im ready to begin. Next, I will tackle my closet.........Im saving the garage for last........it scares me.
Maybe this week is the week I will drag out the sewing machine......if I can get to it? I will NOT spend the whole summer on work projects, and not get any fun stuff done!!!!
Iam so enjoying my evening walks, and Cheech is meeting lots of new dogs, its amazing how many people are out walking in the summer now, a month ago we could walk for miles and only see 1 or 2 dogs, now they are everywhere. There is a great dane that is as big as a horse, and cheech is totally confused by it.....then there are little chihuahuas, and a darling spaniel, we are having too much fun. AND, drum roll please, I lost another pound, so Iam down 17 pounds..........I'm 3 pounds aways from 20 pounds, yeah for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will walk this weight off, yes I will!!!!!!!!
I have been making the best NO carb salad dressing too,........in a container, put equal amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinager, a squirt of mustard, a minced garlic, kosher salt, and pepper, shake well, yummmy..pour over field greens, add walnuts and sliced red onions, to die for!!!!! Tonight I will make it and put a nice broiled salmon on top............
OK.....Im off to organize something.............

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glenni said...

a great big congrats on the 17lbs!!!!!!! way to go!!!!!!
love the choke flowers, sooo pretty. and a refrig that is silverware worthy, i bow to you!