Saturday, June 9, 2007

a little bit a bling.........

OK, I may be too old, whatever, but I can't resist a little bling from Betsy Johnson..........fell in LOVE with the Bracelet, and so I had to have the earrings too.........after all, Betsys older than ME, and Im sure she wears her bling!
I do draw the line at Juicy Couture, dont worry, I have not completely gone off the deep end...........seeing women of a mature age wearing sweat pants that say Juicy across the butt always make me laugh..........even tho I DO have a tattoo!!!!!! It's my little bit of today I will wear my Betsy.....with a conservative black suit of course!!!!!!


glenni said...

love the betsy!!!! and "woman of a mature age", i hope i am never one of those lololololo. that sounds like someone is ready for the red hats, omg NOOOOO!!!! AND....if the ass fits, i say wear it baby, lololol, at least as pj's, in your own home, behind closed doors, on front of the hubby (speaking of mine here) who can't see anything, he'll think they look awesome LOLOLOLOL.

Citygirl-Em said...

I LOVE your Betsy Bling! Girlfriend, you are not old! Wear it with attitude and enjoy yourself.