Monday, June 4, 2007

I have been tagged..........!!!!

I have been tagged for the first time.........Doe tagged me to list my "to do" list.......the first thing on it was to learn how to post links on this dang blog, which is not as easy as it sounds for my old brain, but I hope it works........anyways, my to do list, and everything else in my life goes on this big A*& calender from pottery barn....wasn't sure if I would like it, but now I can't live without it, hubby and I both put our schedules, plans, invites, and anything else that comes along, including my to do list, it goes on here too. The first thing on my list is to be at Tuesday Mornings first thing tomorrow morning to try to score a cropper hopper for 39.99!
Second on the list, Kaiser to pick up a prescription, #3. go to the bank 4. do my invoices for work 5. go to home depot to get plants to fill the pots I got at Target, when I should have been doing the things on my list.........but isn't Target just the BEST? I also have a "summer" to do list, for when Im off, well, mostly off, I will still have some work........its as follows:
1. teach the youngest to sew, I got her a machine for her birthday..
2. catch up on summer reads, the trashier the better, any suggestions?
3. have cupboards installed in the garage, and organize everything.
4. learn how to use my camera, I' ve only had it for a year!
5. make the patterns in the picture, just for the fun of it
6. maybe, just maybe take a quilting class
OK, thats about as ambitious as I want to get right now.
I got some new pots from Target, they are awesome, so old looking...........I will go get plants and post pics after they are planted.
OK........ I hope my links work, Im new at this blogging, but Im tagging Glenni........Tracey.......Emily.......and ........Chelsey........


Citygirl-Em said...

Okay, Deb...I wrote up my ''to do list''...thanks for the tag! I'm gonna go add your link to my list of favorite blogs!


glenni said...

a quilting class? and learn how to use your camera? then come teach me :)
i love that big *ss board!
can't wait to see your new pots!