Saturday, September 27, 2008

Come to Momma.....

Even tho I said I was not going to buy any more shoes, or purses, for a long time, a girl can still dream cant she?????????

I had a little get together last night with the sistas, but I have to blog it later, I have to go to work right now. Funny thing is, when I looked at the pictures, all I had taken pics of was the food and the gifts, lololol, not even one of a PERSON,lololol, even when the sistas showed up in their Gwen Stefani jackets, in 100 degree heat I might add, I was so excited to see them I didnt take a pic!!!!!

Anyways, hopefully Sharon will have lots of shots, she always does!!!!! She better, cuz Ms. NICE blog didnt bring HER Sharon better save the day! BUT I will have great pics of the food,lololo.......

Off to work, in the horrid heat, will fall ever get here???

1 comment:

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the shoes!! Dont you already have a pair like that?? peace out!
I'm going to charge you two for photos.