Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cupcake Heaven and more gifties.....

OMG Can I tell you how excited Iam about my cupcake swap gifts!!!!!!! My partner over at The Yellow Farmhouse outdid herself and she must have read my mind because I have been wanting one of those Betz White pin cushions FOREVER!!!!!! and the sweetest hand stitched picture, and a cupcake book and sprinkles and a little much fun in one box, thanks sooooooooo much you are the BEST!!!!!!!

This quilt was the runner up, can you beleive it, gift I got from Sharon at the PJ party for the candy tasting contest.........I LOVE it and since its almost fall, it found a place already on my couch, but I may move it to my table, oh its so awesome, thanks sista!!!!!

I met Sharon for lunch the other day, and we had a nice chat..great food...and she gave me one of the coolest charms , but I cant seem to get a good picture of it, its one of the glass soldered charms, it has a fairy on the front and this saying on the back..."If you havent got anything nice to say, come sit next to me".....I love it.....thanks so much sista!
I also want you all to meet my other fab sista who just got her own all know her as Ms. NancyNoBlog........BUT NOW SHE HAS A BLOG!!! Go check it out, its awewome and I LOVE her header!!!!!!!!! Shes the amazing teacher that taught me at the PJ party how to make the most amazing quilt......I hope to work on it later today!!!! last day off before I have to work all weekend, I better get busy.......oh and before I forget, I wanna wave a big hi to CINDY who is on a LONG vacation over in Spain, but she told me she would check my blog on her fancy new I phone..."hola Cindy!"


Karen said...

You won the quilt I liked best! What a great PJ party. Your host knows how to throw a fun party.

glenni said...

man, i would almost take up quilting to come to one of your parties!!! such a bunch of creative goodness! and food, and cupcakes...pssst, lets not quite mention fall yet ok?